ALL EARS #11: Stephanie Chua

ChuaNext up on the podcast: a fellow pianist and new music explorer, Stephanie Chua. Stephanie grew up in Richmond, BC, and has been based in Toronto since 2002. She is active as a freelance performer and teacher. In this episode, we discuss Stephanie’s educational background, the contemporary music scene in Toronto, and how she develops her own performance projects. We also talk about junctQin Keyboard Collective, an innovative keyboard ensemble that Stephanie co-founded with pianists Elaine Lau and Joseph Ferretti.

Check out Stephanie’s personal website. You can also follow junctQin on its website, facebook, and twitter.

Music selections on this episode:

Somers: Allegro Scherzando from Sonata No. 5
Radulescu: ‘music… older than music’ from Sonata No. 4, ‘like a well… older than God’
Stephanie Chua, piano