ALL EARS #14: Julian Beutel


Versatile trumpeter, composer, musical inventor, and pride of Saskatchewan, Julian Beutel is my guest this week.

Julian and I attended Brandon University at the same time for our undergraduate degrees. Since then, he’s settled in Los Angeles to study at the California Institute of the Arts. During his time at CalArts, Julian developed the HyperTrump, a trumpet-attachable sensor-based MIDI controller to add a new dimension to his musical output. He’s now active as a freelance trumpeter in a great variety of performing groups and interdisciplinary projects.

Follow Julian and check out his many groups and collaborators on his website, and on his Soundcloud page.

Music selections on this episode include:

“For Phil” – Joshua Linsky with Julian Beutel

“Clipped Claws” – Bird Concerns (Marcus Buser, Travis Meador, Cooper Wolken, Jake Sucher, Julian Beutel)

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