Slightly Fewer Ears

 My podcast ALL EARS is finished now.

I’ve been clinging on to a faint belief that I could still find a way to do it and work at the same time. This is proving impossible, so rather than continuing to carry a torch for this thing, and rather than feeling guilty and disappointed in myself for neglecting it, I’m just going to put it to sleep.

Thank you to everyone I spoke to, everyone who listened, and everyone who encouraged me. Sincere apologies to the few people who recorded interviews that didn’t get published – I’m sorry I couldn’t find a way to keep this thing alive. It was a fun project for me and I’m proud of what it was. I’m so fortunate to have such inspiring friends and colleagues who consistently show me new possibilities and model what professional musicianship is all about.

Special thanks to Donna Lowe and Geordie Waddell who were my unofficial podcast advisory panel, even if they didn’t always know it, and to Isabelle Kilimnik who made a beautiful logo for me out of the kindness of her heart. She’s a kickass real-life designer and everyone should hire her to make beautiful things.

The show is no longer a ‘podcast’, in the sense that it’s not possible to subscribe to an RSS feed to hear the episodes. Instead, I’ve posted the episodes on YouTube and embedded the videos into the original posts below. I’ll keep this up here as an archive.

But ALL EARS is no more. For now, it’s SLIGHTLY FEWER EARS. Love to you all.